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LED Car Bulbs - an Overview of Features and Benefits

LED Car Bulbs - an Overview of Features and Benefits

LED lighting is fast taking over from other modes of lighting, being widely used in electronics, for conventional lighting and nowadays even in cars. While initially they were only used as tail lights, LED car bulbs are nowadays fast taking over from other popular lighting systems such as halogen bulbs and HIDs, thanks to their numerous beneficial features.
Here is a comprehensive review of LED bulbs for vehicles and the reasons behind their popularity.
What is the convenience in LED vehicle bulbs?
LED car lights are currently gaining a lot of popularity with most car owners primarily for their excellent lighting capabilities, but also for a host of other advantages. Some of the beneficial features of LED lights include:
€ Multi-color lighting for elegance in design
Unlike halogen bulbs and HIDs, LED bulbs have the ability to project several different colors either all at once or at measured intervals. To this end, most cars currently fitted with these bulbs are capable of projecting red, green, blue and bright white colors. When projecting all the colors at once, the resulting light appears to have a bright white and a golden glow that goes a long way in adding a touch of elegance to the car's design and looks.
In addition to the attractive color, LED bulbs are also very flexible when it comes to design. This is because they constitute many different LED car bulbs encased together to provide the required light intensity. To this end, they can be designed to resemble different shapes, such as the whiskers' in emerging Audi makes and models.
€ Bright light
LED bulbs also have a reputation for emitting crystal-clear, bright white light; the light intensity produced by these bulbs has been shown to be two to three times brighter than that produced by conventional halogen bulbs.
However, HIDs take the top position as the brightest car bulbs yet, with a glare that is potentially annoying to most other motorists. LEDs nonetheless produce just enough light to comfortably illuminate the road and surrounding areas in the dark, and take about a millionth of a second to light, considerably faster than HIDs.
€ Low energy consumption and long lifespan
In spite of their incredibly bright glare, LED car bulbs have been shown to consume significantly lower energy levels as compared to halogen lights and HIDs. On average, they consume about 35 watts, all of which is utilized in lighting the bulbs rather than being wasted as heat.
Furthermore, they have also been shown to have quite a long lifespan, as designers suggest that they are capable of producing up to 15,000 hours of lighting. However, while this is inarguable for taillights, it may vary when it comes to headlights, depending on usage among other factors.
€ Enhanced compatibility
One of the distinctive features of LED car bulbs is their small size. This makes it easy to incorporate them in virtually any car regardless of its design or space as they can be fitted virtually anywhere both at the front and at the back.
When not in use, these lights take up little space and consequently less attention, allowing the vehicle's looks and design to stand out.

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