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A New Car - a New You?

A New Car - a New You?

A change of car reflects on your personality. Where once there were only dreams, a change of approach as a state of mind can lead to a new and refreshing reality.

A new year, a new car. Does this sound like something you would say? Or maybe this sounds like something you would secretly want, but budgeting is a little bit tight. But if you let yourself really dream, do you like the idea of bringing in a new year with a new vehicle? If you allow yourself and say yes, then you will be joining the rising ranks of Americans hoping for the same thing as each new year gets under way. Buying a new or used car can make a huge psychological difference to the way we live our lives as the type of car we drive reflects our sense of importance.

If you could pick which type of car you could want to drive in the new year, what would it be? The same old car you have been driving for the past three years, or a newer, different model perhaps? Maybe you could see yourself in a sportier model this year with that summer break coming up and you feel like a flashy car should naturally go with it.

Chances are you have been saving hard for a few years now and you feel entitled to splurge on a different vehicle. The old one has too many miles on it anyway and now gas prices are falling, gas is no longer a worrisome factor. How about something really different for once? How about a Lotus Evora? A Lotus Evora, if you did not know is a British produced sports car. It can be either a 2 or 4 passenger coupe in style and comes with a 6 speed transmission - whether you want that as the standard sporty and joyful manual stick-shift or as the American standard of choice, automatic.

If you are looking for something with power, a Lotus Evora is the car to aspire to own. It comes in 2 flavors - the Evora and the Evora S - the latter which has a supercharged V6 engine, with 345 hp. The car itself is a wonderful innovation - and can you really even begin to say that with your old car! It has a bonded aluminum chassis, which makes the car powerful, yet light, meaning you can really take off as the car records a 0-60mph performance in 4.9 seconds. In addition, with a top speed of 162mph, you will not be the one left eating dust. With not only speed and style as standard, the Lotus Evora is also very well acclaimed for its stunning suspension which soaks up any lumps and bumps in the road so that your back does not. Sold?

If you want to find Lotus Evora price, where do you go? Where do you find Lotus Evora price for new and used stock? How do you begin to find Lotus cars price offline or online? The best options for finding a good price and a reliable, reputable stockist is to seek out a seller of quality used and great new cars so that you can find your best new drive for the year - it might just change who you are, or have always wanted to be.

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