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Ways and Caring Motor Matic

Ways and Caring Motor Matic

Motorcycle Matic is one of two-wheeled vehicles annually increasing sales figures. Starting from the product of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki which produces a wide range of motorcycle matic. With the number of users of motor matic khusu necessarily require treatment. Caring motor matic arguably more difficult than in the motorcycle due to automatic motor has its own shortcomings. The use of automatic motorcycle can be a benchmark level of difficulty to take care of him, can not load a heavy burden is the shortage of motor matic.
tips on caring for motorcycle matic
The occurrence of various problems matic makes us want to help motorists to facilitate care. Difficulty to treat motor matic constraint, when driving it makes you uncomfortable. Motorcycle matic sanangat comfortable when used in a traffic jam, road uphill and conditions when it rains because it has a hand brake position so mempermudan when making sudden pengeriman. Here are ways and tips on caring for motorcycle matic that we get from various sources on the internet and automotive mechanics.

Caring Motorcycle Matic

  • The first tip that heats the machine in advance if you want to use a motor that is usually in the morning, do it nminimal 5-10 minutes, after selasai your bike ready for use.
  • Tips and how to care for the next matic is a condition the gas velocity at the start of each run. When the motor speed in fast conditions do not suddenly decrease the gas because it can damage the engine.
  • Tips The third is to check the condition of the machine tank, check your motor if the speedometer needle started to approach the red color Usahkan langsumh filling petrol. Do not let the gas tank was empty because the condition can damage the engine when gasoline frequent strikes.
  • How to care for the four automatic motor is a routine oil change, if you start to travel 1000 km and change the transmission oil motors when the motor has reached a maximum of 5000 KM.
  • Tips on caring for its next matic check the condition of Aki and Busi, if one of these items are damaged then lead your motor breaking down.
  • Check Roller and Ventbeld 
  • Always note Roller and ventbelt matic you, if it is in a state unsuitable, then try to replace it with a new one is original
  • Check the transmission and replace Oli Shockbreaker, when in the transmission space Usahkan you check and note, usually in the transmission space often get in the dirt and dust, you try to clean up after the motor reaches 4000 Km. Next shockbreaker each motor oil change mactic you reach 10000 KM, in this way making the motor matic comfortable when worn and durable engine.
Additional tips from us is to change a tire when the tire starts to look thin because the tipi can harm you when passing the bend dah in rainy conditions. Perform maintenance vehicles such as motorcycles matic function to provide comfort while wearing, machine so durable and avoid damage. Hopefully the above tips help your users matic, visit also our other article that provides information berta and Automotive. At the meeting we provide the missing information sebelunya fastest car in the world that can be found on our website.

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