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Used Car Buying Tips and New.

Used Car Buying Tips and New.

Buying a car should have knowledge about basically starting from the body and electrical machinery. Frequent errors experienced by a person when choosing a car they want to buy. The amount of knowledge of the automotive car that makes a person makes cheating such as replacing the original goods exchanged with counterfeit goods and sold to consumers. Basic science is important that you must master to buy a car will be discussed briefly in this meeting.

tips on buying used and new car
Determine in advance the features you need most of the vehicles that will be compared. When going to buy a car note also offered additional equipment, either in the form of a package and which can be purchased separately. One of this additional equipment may desperately need that can affect your decision in determining the purchase of a vehicle. Compare the cost offered from one place and the other place, so you can see the exchange rates used or new cars. Here are tips on buying used and new car .

Used Car Buying Tips and New.

  • Determine the budget to maintain complete arau that remain safe when buying a car, be sure to set aside 20 percent of monthly income. Savings to buy a car by 20 percent is already included, the cost of repairs, maintenance, insurance, and of course, your car payment.
  • Do not assume that it's a used car. Many consumers have trouble getting used cars at reasonable prices. Interest rates even higher than the new car. If you have a budget of around Rp 135 million-an, you can consider another new or used car would you choose.
  • Note the Sales Tax on Luxury Goods as well as annual taxes. Currently you probably have a long list of possible car brands you can buy. However, it should be noted also PPnBM of these cars. Even for cars at the same price, the tax could be much different.
  • Choosing the best interest rate before going to a car dealership ads with zero percent interest is a hoax, to seduce you into visiting a dealer, before taking a decision. Even if you've found a rational interest credit, it could be a deal at the dealership so another problem. To that end, look for reliable financing with a reasonable interest rate, compare car prices from one dealer to another, then you take a decision.
  • Check back offers discounted prolonged wisely. Many cars are offered at discounted cash-back but there also are on sale. Personal rebate is usually given in a particular segment, at certain times, such as fresh graduates, the owner of a certain bank credit card, members of the military, and so on. If you know a lot of information and discounted car air-personal rebate, you can make great savings.
  • Memperhatika invoice price which can help you in the bargain price of the car. Although the invoice price information on the Internet is not 100 percent accurate, at least this number gives you some idea tertang latest stock car.
  • Do not exchange the old with the new car, known as trade-ins, because you will not get the price that really fair. Better to sell your car beforehand. Only after that did research to buy a new car.
  • Test drive properly to avoid the possibility you will linger with you this new car, then make sure everything is in accordance with the wishes and comfortable during a test drive. Try out all the features and conditions, memparkir, bring the kids, mangangkut goods, and yet others.
  • Check the history of the car even though it was a new car because it is very important to know the details. Make sure never encountered any problems or fatal problem, even if it's a new car though.
  • Tips readiness of the latter is conditioned car as a whole. Check back body check that you have previous and other features.

Car buying tips above I get from various websites on the internet and automotive experts. Visit our other articles also a case of long-distance driving tips and the best-selling motorcycle , I have given at the meeting sebelunya. Discover the latest news about the automotive world there we were discussing the price, modification and important tips automotive.

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