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Troubled Sunroof, Tens of Thousands of Jaguar Land Rover Pun In-recall

Troubled Sunroof, Tens of Thousands of Jaguar Land Rover Pun In-recall

Jaguar Land Rover Pull Thousands His unit Because Problems In Section Doors and Sunroof - Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has finally decided to pull the (recall) of 65 844 units of its SUV of the market. Withdrawal of more than 65 thousand units of Jaguar Land Rover SUV's alerts because the discovery of problems in the door and also its sunroof.

jaguar-land-rover-pull-tens, thousand-unit-as-problem-in-part-door-and-sunroof
The problems that afflict alerts Jaguar Land Rover SUV was discovered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) United States. As reported by Automotive News, the withdrawal of the tens of thousands of units of SUV cars Jaguar Land Rover this release is based on the findings of damage to the two different parts, namely its doors and sunroof.

Of the 65 352 units of JLR Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in the recall, almost all production between 2013 to 2015. The first problem, which is part of the door, is located on the door hook that does not really hook when closed.

As for the problem sunroof occurs at about 492 units of SUV models Land Rover LR4 2012 to 2013. The problem arises in the lack of adhesive or glue on the sunroof. One consumer Jaguar Land Rover testified that his car until the sunroof on regardless while speeding down the street. While others claimed that consumers in their car on the sunroof leak.

Jaguar Land Rover spokesman, Maria Rodriguez, said that the damage to the door occur because of errors in software systems that move the door. But the JLR itself has not been confirmed whether the damage is from the supplier or directly from the manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover.

As for the problem sunroof, Maria explains that the problem sunroof at Jaguar Land Rover SUV unit occurs because keslahan made by the supplier of his sunroof device, namely the NSG Group. Parties Jaguar Land Rover revealed that the standard sunroof specifications requested by JLR is not met by the supplier.

For information, the Ford Motor Company as the parent manufacturer of Jaguar Land Rover before, they had to recall about 1.5 million vehicles due to defects discovered since mid-2014 ago. See also Will Jaguar SUV production Jaguar E-Pace in the UK Foreign and All New Toyota Fortuner Ready to Debut in Thailand Upcoming Mid-July

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