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Tips on Driving Motor When Flood and Rain

Tips on Driving Motor When Flood and Rain

The rainy season is the weather changes from hot to rain, this incident makes riders of motorcycle difficulties when driving. The rain made ​​the roads wet and frequent flooding, which of course it is a problem for users of motorcycles . When it rains or flooding makes motorcycles are not all operating as usual, so often happens strikes and other problems. Stagnant water is usually often result in accidents, accidents often occur when the road is slippery due to the motorcycle difficult to control when it rains.

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Tips driving while floods and rains
The latest news about the weather now is it important for you bikers to anticipate rain and flooding. If the weather is going to rain should not leave the house let alone bring motors, hazardous to your health and reduce the life of the motorcycle. But if you have a business that is very important and can not be left out of course the problem will you pass through, but we will give tips for those of you who want to drive during floods and rain. Here's a way and tips Motorhome when it rains and flooding .

Ways and Tips Driving Motor When the Flood and Rain

  • In case of heavy rain and flooding resulted in a very high, do not think to pass because of floodwater can damage your electrical motors resulting in a motorcycle you die or strike. To overcome this we recommend to choose another path or paused until the water began to recede.
  • Giving sealent on chop or shut spark plugs in order to avoid the water, it aims to avoid exposure to water plugs that can lead to the motor will be difficult to turn on.
  • Condition the pace of your motorcycle, do not be too tight when crossing flooded areas are quite high because it is very dangerous. Do not forget to use the brakes to help align and balance the speed of the motor.
  • Motorcycle wash with clean water, because water engandung acid rain which can cause rust on iron and fading of the color of your motor body. Flush and clean the brake, because the rain makes dirty brakes so as not functioning optimally.
  • Lubricant on your bike chain regularly, at least once a week aimed to protect the chain from corrosion and keep the chains remain dynamic, so it can be more durable Otolovers chain.

That little tips we can give to you a motorist who aimed to cope with flooding and rain while riding a motorcycle. Other tips are checking pal motor electrical devices for the motor you stay fit, and do not forget to always take care of the speedometer, because the cartilage is damaged prinati rainy season. Visit our other articles also provide the latest automotive news, information automotive, car prices , the price of motor and collection of automotive tips . Thank you for your visit hopefully this meeting useful, tetunya for you bikers.

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