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Teaser Appears on YouTube, Honda CBR150R Coming Soon

Teaser Appears on YouTube, Honda CBR150R Coming Soon

PT Astra Honda Motor Launches Teaser Honda CBR150R Naked Version - PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) indeed has his own way of making fans of Honda in Indonesia so curious. After Honda Sonic RS a new generation emerged in the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2015, now gilran teaser Honda CB150R appeared on YouTube.

In a commercial teaser starring the Jerricho Chicho, visible figure style motorcycle street fighter stands proudly in the middle of darkness. At first glance, the dimensions of motor sport Honda's latest alerts appear smaller when compared to the full version of the Honda CBR150R fairingnya.

Honda CB150R own teaser uploaded by Welovehonda account. Silhouette of the teaser that shows that Honda CB150R have more nungging design, but of course without the fairing. In addition to design a more nungging, screen Honda CB150R were also appears to be more aggressive. The size of the legs Honda CB150R also appears to be more gambot.

Many thought that the figure shown in the teaser motorcycle is a naked version of the Honda CBR150R. During this time, it is increasingly common to release a manufacturer of motor sports unit in two variants, namely full fairing sport and sport naked version.

Previously, Yamaha has presented the Yamaha MT-25 which is a naked version of the Yamaha R25 for medium-class motor sport. Meanwhile, Kawasaki own Z250 naked as champion in the segment of motor sport.

Honda itself until now have variants naked sport bike in the 250 cc class. For the 250 cc class, Honda only rely on Honda CBR250R which is a type of motor sport full fairing. While in the 150 cc class sport, PT AHM has a Honda CB150 Streetfire who fight fiercely with Yamaha V-Ixion at the level of entry-level motor sport.

Emerging teaser Honda CBR150R will certainly make fans more curious Honda. In the teaser is also displayed time of release, ie August 2015.

In the video titled 'Ready to Take Charge?' the Honda CBR150R actually depicted a mysterious, but the aura of 'aggressive' is still clearly visible. Well, so curious ya go! Wait for further news about Honda CBR150R from Mas Sena yah! Read also BMW Motorrad Official Present in Indonesia, 22 Models Available and Yamaha MT-03 Prepare For Completing Deratan Yamaha MT Series .

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