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Paint Car Care Tips to Keep Clean and Durability

Paint Car Care Tips to Keep Clean and Durability

The car is a four-wheeled vehicle that becomes pride for their owners, because the car is an object that we can use when traveling. With the development of automotive makes a lot of people who want to have a car because the vehicle is versatile, can be worn to work, holidays with the family and other activities. However many car users who do not know how to care for the body or paint to keep it clean, smooth, and durable so that the colors look faded. But for those of you who want to perform maintenance or exterior car body as long as the course is very easy to get used to.

Caring Cat Car
View outside the car owner usually symbolizes characteristic, certainly if the riders do not want their cars look ugly. Automobile lovers usually replace the car body paint their car if it is not shiny anymore, but the painting takes quite a long time, how to deal with the action body is certainly detrimental to you, besides the cost is too expensive way to waste your time with your favorite car. Caring for the body of the car is the best solution for the paint to overcome the car to still look clean. Here are tips on caring for the car paint in order to clean and durable , so your favorite car looks shiny every day.

Caring Paint Car

  • Ways and tips that you first do is to avoid the car from UV light or sunlight is too excessive. When stopped seek a shady parking lot when the car will be parked for long. But this time sometimes rarely shaded park, this can be overcome by using a glove car or other car cover.
  • Next is to use a special soap or shampoo car when washing the car, because the car has kaadar sahmpo which has been adapted to take care of the car paint. Do not use detergent and a dab of soap to wash the car because the car body resulting in increasingly thin and rough menjadikanya, many of which prove that the car menyuci use of soap and detergents impact on car color that is uneven and does not look clean.
  • Next tips is to clean the outside of the car with a soft cloth or rough. Usually already available khusu cloth to wipe the car like a chamois or kanibo. If you do not have Otolovers Chamois cloth can use other fabrics are made from silky and soft. When cleaning your body with a washcloth should mongondisikan the cloth is clean, because if the cloth is dirty may result in scars and stains bembuat paint color does not look clean.
  • Tips to clean the car with a cloth body hereinafter that regard. If the car body in a dry state, then you have to water it in advance, many do not know if wiping body in a dry state can lead to body looks clean and leave a small scar. Particles of dust and gravel are attached to the body of the car can scratch the paint of the car. Giving special lubricant body when performing wiping and wiping by repeating part is clean, do with technique or rotate clockwise from left to right.
  • How to care for his next car paint car wash regularly. Sanctification regularly to prevent dirt too long because it can reduce sheen paint your car. But wiping the car does not have to be every day, at least once a week during the dry season, and more often during the rainy season. When your car should not be left exposed to rain water, immediately flush with clean water and dry or you can wash it. It turns acidic rain water high enough so as to diminish the paint the car if left unchecked.
  • Tips latter vehicle is parked at night. Keep the vehicle parked in the open because of the dew can fade paint and reduce the durability of the car body. If this is allowed to continuously may lead to the car body-ratak you have small cracks. Pairs of gloves when parking the car to keep from objects that can fade mobol cart.

Caring paint the car feels lighter if you are already familiar, do tips way over with happy heart in order not to seem boring. Discover also a variety of other car tips on our website such as tips on buying a car and long-distance driving tips we have given at the previous meeting. News automotive, motorcycle and automotive accessories may be found here.

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