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New Toyota Avanza Veloz Comes In 1.3 L Engine Variants

New Toyota Avanza Veloz Comes In 1.3 L Engine Variants

Toyota Astra Motor Will Present New Avanza Veloz Capacity 1.3 Liter - PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) confirmed that they would issue New Avanza Veloz with a 1300 cc engine. As is known, Avanza Veloz is the highest and most luxurious variant of the family Toyota Avanza. Veloz Toyota itself has a capacity of 1.5 liter engine that makes it a small unit sporty MPV.

The presence of New Toyota Avanza Veloz 1.3 L is obtained from people in the PT TAM. The informant gives the news that the New Avanza Veloz will be present in four variants, namely Veloz 1.3 LM / T, Veloz 1.3 LA / T. Veloz 1.5 LM / T. and Veloz 1.5 A / T. So, this news at the same time ensuring that the new generation of New Avanza Veloz will consist of two types, 1.3 L and 1.5 L.

Currently, Toyota Avanza highest version comes in four options, namely Veloz 1.5 Mi M / T, then Veloz 1.5 Mi A / T, and Avanza Luxury Mi 1.5 M / T and Mi 1.5 A / T. read also Honda Introduces All New Jazz Version Race

The presence of New Toyota Avanza Veloz with a 1.3 L engine will take a broader portion of the other variants. During this time, the Toyota Avanza has become king in the small MPV segment. With hadirya type of Avanza Veloz 1.3 L, obviously sale Toyota Avanza will increasingly uphill.

Based on the data we collect from the source of Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo) per May 2015, total sales reached 56 108 units of Toyota Avanza. Toyota Avanza Veloz own variant menyumban 22.8 percent or 12 811 units of the total sales of the Toyota Avanza. read also New Honda Cars Price List

Toyota Avanza dominance in the small MPV segment can not be denied anymore. From the first to the second generation is now circulating in Idonesia, Toyota Avanza remains to be excellent Idonesia society. In fact, Toyota Avanza was to get the nickname 'Car million faithful', replaced his elder brother Toyota Kijang.

Menurur plan, the All New Toyota Avanza and Avanza Veloz will be formally introduced in the upcoming mid-August 2015. His process of launching will be held on August 12, while ordering can begin on August 14, 2015. See also Expands Markets in Indonesia, Tata Motors Add Network New Diler and Mercedes-Benz Launches Five New Products in .

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