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MotoGP Germany: Marquez Spreading Threat in Session Free Test Day One

MotoGP Germany: Marquez Spreading Threat in Session Free Test Day One

Marquez Tebar Threats in Session Free Test Day One MotoGP Germany - Gelaran most prestigious motor racing MotoGP 2015 until the 9th series at the Sachsenring circuit, the Germans have started on Friday (07/10/2015) yesterday. Where riders mainstay of Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) have spread the threat to other drivers as has always been the fastest in the two-day official test session free first. The threat of Marquez also indirectly intimidate rival that is at once his idol, Valentino Rossi, which at the Dutch MotoGP title yesterday had been a stressful incident.

Marquez Tebar Threats test session free First Day
In the first free tests (FP1) yesterday, Marc Marquez became the fastest with a lap time of 1 minute 21.766 second lap. Marquez became the only rider who managed to put the time in the range of 1 minute 21 seconds. While the other riders in the range of 1 minute 22 seconds and no more. In second place alone occupied by Valentino Rossi with a time 0.336 seconds slower than Marquez. Then the next place instead occupied by a rookie driver, Scot Redding. Then followed Dani Pedrosa, Yonny Hernandes, Jorge Lorenzo, Aleix Espargaro, Cal Cruthlow, Andrea Iannone and so forth.

A few hours later, a second free test session (FP2) back in place. Where the result is Marc Marquez returned to be the fastest. But the difference this time many of the drivers who managed to provide maximum performance, the results are a lot of riders put laps in the range of 1 minute and 21 seconds. Marc Marquez himself mencetakkan time of 1 minute 21.621 seconds. Surprised him in second place is occupied by rival Marquez in Moto2 first, Bradley Smith joined together with Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team to notch a time 0.119 seconds slower. Followed by Iannone with a time 0.203 seconds slower than Marquez. The next place there is Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Predrosa, Valentino Rossi, Scott Reding, Yonny Hernandez, Andrea Dovizioso and others.

Although it managed to be the fastest on the first day of free test session but Marquez claimed not satisfied with these results.

"I am happy from the start I was able to be the fastest," said Marquez.

"We are aware that should improve the record time. We also know there are some things I do not like, and that we must correct. Hopefully during the race can be consistent, "he continued.

As information on the 2014 MotoGP series, Sachsenring, Germany, Marquez had time to record the fastest lap time in the range of 1 minute 20 seconds. Predicted lap time the MotoGP riders will continue to rise. On race day, Sunday (07/12/2015) tomorrow could certainly be running fierce and hot. Especially between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi. Read also the Prime Lorenzo Buru triumph in Sachsenring and Tests Non MotoGP Dutch, Honda Duo Dominate .

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