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List of best-selling motorcycle

List of best-selling motorcycle

Motorcycles in is one of the best-selling vehicle so that users of motor the millions. With the latest models always make consumers want to buy their new products. Based on the data we get from the internet and other reliable sources, it turns out for this month's sales reached 3.27 units, down 12.5 percent compared with the same period the previous year, 3.74 million units. Type scooter increasingly dominated, controlled 63.42 percent of total motorcycle sales in Indonesia. Bike motorcycle duck penjualanya diminishing numbers, live 23.41 percent, while sport also rose to 13.17 percent.

selling motorcycle
Competition field of automotive motorcycle scooter segment heats up to or picking the least expensive. This time, Honda dominate through the Beat with 746 356 units, once labeled as the best-selling motorcycle in Indonesia. Another model Honda, Vario 125 listed as the second best-selling model in Indonesia with the sale of 434 577 units. However, the next turn is the most inexpensive scooter, Yamaha tried to compete with its new product metik Mio Soul GT and GT with sales of 191 502 units and 125 780 units. The sport class, Yamaha domination through V-Ixion not deterred, 147 487 units. The only non-Honda and Yamaha brand top 10 is Suzuki Satria FU, with sales of 99 994 units. Here is a list of the best-selling motorcycle in, as the latest news and information motors.

Motorcycles sellers in
Honda Beat
Honda Vario 125
Yamaha Soul GT
Yamaha V-Ixion Lightning
Yamaha Mio GT
Honda Supra X125
Honda Vario 110 carburetor
YamahaMio A Teen
Suzuki Satria FU
Yamaha Jupiter MX CW

List of best-selling motorcycle above can be changed at any time since surve can be done every month and year. Visit our other articles as well as the price of a car tire , the price of a helmet INK , tips on caring for helmets and tips on driving long distances . Perhaps the meeting we got here, thank you for your visit to our site that discusses a wide range of automotive news.

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