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Latest Yamaha Motorcyle Price List

Latest Yamaha Motorcyle Price List

Yamaha is a brand that is taken from the founders, namely Torakusu Yamaha. Selogan yamaha Yamaha tebaru of getting in front of the tried and tried to continue to be the leader of competition motorcycles in Indonesia and the world. Through two main riders in the GP motor circuit, Yamaha managed to obtain the prestigious title MotoGP champion three titles at once that title team, manufacturer and driver. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo became the savior of victory Team Yamaha in every game. Once the Yamaha dominance in the world make Yamaha motorcycle sales rate is increasing from year to year. Some degree ICSA Award and several other awards, the success achieved by Yamaha.

the price of the latest yamaha
On August 1954 the first Yamaha motorcycle manufactures named Yamaha YA-1 125cc. Finally the Yamaha stand alone became Yamaha Motor Corporation on July 1, 1955. With the performance of tahunketahun yamaha increasing making sales figures continue to grow, in Indonesia Yamaha ebrhasil sell 238 200 units, up 17.59% from the same month last year 212 565 units. Here is a list of the latest Yamaha motorcycle price , such as sport, duck and automatic.

Price Yamaha Motorcycle
Byson - Price USD 21.15 million
Fino Classic - Price USD 13.75 million
Fino Fashion - Price USD 13.75 million
Sporty Fino - Price USD 13.75 million
Sporty Force - Price USD 13.3 million
Jupiter MX - Price Rp 15.175 million
Jupiter MX AT CW - Price USD 16.35 million
Jupiter MX CW - Price USD 17.1 million
Jupiter MX CW AC - Price USD 16.2 million
Jupiter MX CW MC - Price Rp 17,000,000
Jupiter MX CW Moto GP Livery - Price USD 17.4 million
Jupiter Z - Price Rp 14,000,000
Jupiter Z CW FI - Price USD 15.25 million
Jupiter Z CW FI Moto GP Livery - Price USD 15.5 million
Jupiter FI - Price USD 14.55 million
Jupiter ZX CW - Price USD 14.95 million
ZX Jupiter SE - Price USD 15.25 million
Lexam - Price USD 16.85 million
Mio GT - Price Rp 13,500,000
Mio GT Moto GP Livery - Price USD 13.75 million
Mio J CW FI - Price USD 13.15 million
Mio J Teen CW FI - Price Rp13.300.000
Mio J FI - Price USD 12.4 million
Mio Soul - The price of Rp 13.7 million
Mio Sporty CW - Price USD 12.35 million
New V-Ixion KS - Price USD 22.75 million
New V-Ixion Non KS - Price USD 22.55 million
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Scorpio Z CW - Price USD 24.4 million
Soul GT - Price USD 14.25 million
V-Ixion - Price USD 21.9 million
V-Ixion KS - Price USD 22.9 million
V-Ixion KS Moto GP Livery - Price USD 23.3 million
V-Ixion SE KS - Price USD 23.55 million
V-Ixion Non KS - Price USD 22.55 million
V-Ixion SE - Price USD 23.8 million
Vega R DB - The price of Rp 11.6 million
Vega RR DB - Price Rp12.350.000
Vega ZR - Price USD 11.59 million
Vega ZR DB - The price of Rp 12.3 million
X-Ride - The price of Rp 14.4 million
X-Ride ASE - Price USD 16.6 million
X-Ride SE - Price Rp 15,000,000
Xeon RC - Price USD 15.15 million
Xeon RC Moto GP Livery - Price USD 15.4 million

Yamaha above prices are subject to change at any time because the stock price can change eraser month. At previous meetings we also share the latest automotive information, the motorcycle is the best-selling motorcycle in Indonesia . Visit our site to find a wide variety of other automotive news such as the latest price of cars and motorcycles, a collection of tips automotive and helmet price . Thank you for your visit hopefully this meeting helpful.

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