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How to Improve Performance Motorcycle New Vixion

How to Improve Performance Motorcycle New Vixion

Motorcycle Yamaha Vixion is a product riders much-loved motorcycles, especially on young people. Many people judge if the motor has to istimewaan performance and tarikanya tight. By using the engine with 150cc power, 14.5 Nm at 7,500 rpm, claimed to be able to run up to speeds of 131km / h, using DOHC engine. Display and owned by Yamaha Vixion body is attractive and very large but this does not reduce the speed while running. In Indonesia alone komonitas motorcycle industry large Vixion assess if the motor vehicle is one that is favored and user banayak yamaha motor is greatly increased annually.

How to Improve Performance Motor New Vixion
Vixion Yamaha motorcycle performance is already good but if you want to improve the performance of these you can do yourself. Raise the performance of the motorcycle must be done correctly for the machine and your safety remains safe. If you do this at random then have a negative impact on the machine, kelistikan and on yourself. Note the condition of your motor first, starting from the inside of the machine and the other, in order to make the turn when parts need to be replaced more secure and avoid mistakes. Here is how to improve the performance of Yamaha New Vixion Lighting :

  • The first act of replacing the muffler is to improve the performance of your motorcycle. If replacing the standard exhaust with muffler racing is the easiest way to improve performance motorcycles, as well as Yamaha Vixion Lighting. With the exhaust gas that has a larger exhaust can increase the motor speed and more resposif compared to the standard exhaust that has drain holes smaller wind.
  • Electricity is essential, if the electricity is not comparable with the condition of your motorcycle engine, it can result in performance while running. In the electricity, you should do the replacement is necessary as in the ECU is replaced using BRT ECU, then no coils are replaced using a coil racing like brand Protec, then the last one is the replacement of spark plugs are replaced using iridium spark plugs types.
  • Clutch conditioning can boost the performance of your motorcycle by replacing the clutch lining instead of using the canvas clutch belonging Ninja 2tak. In addition to the clutch linings do next turn is per clutch replaced using per-owned Honda Tiger. This method is mostly done by rasing the club and is proven to increase the rate of their motors.
  • Set Injection / ECU can do with a full carefully because in this way a little tricky, depending on your knowledge of the machine. Furthermore, using a standard ECU, ECU senyetel connected with the injection. So the adjustment is done to determine the needs of the air and fuel are excluded. In short conditioning Adjustment CO, using a tool called FI diagnostic tool. Do it while adjusting to lower and raise the CO settings to get the maximum power.

How to improve the performance of Yamaha Vixion can make your beloved bike will be faster to run and certainly responsive. But the above also has disadvantages compared to the initial position when the new bike out of dailer, because the factory Yamaha already calculate in detail the performance. Perhaps it is no negative impact on your motorcycle, for maximum results please read the guidelines treating machines and other tips you can find various kinds of books on the machine or can directly visit the official website of Yamaha. Dapakan also news of the latest Yamaha motor price that may help you to buy a

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