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GIIAS 2015, Bakal So Locations World Premier Automotive World

GIIAS 2015, Bakal So Locations World Premier Automotive World

GIIAS 2015, Bakal So Locations World Premier Automotive World - annual auto exhibition event in Indonesia, namely Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) in 2015, it will be the venue for the World Premier for some of the world's automotive industry. Of course this can make the pride of Indonesia in the field of automotive world.

GIIAS-2015-Will-Be-Location-World-Premier-Industry-Automotive World
GIIAS 2015 Will Be Location World Premier Automotive World
Reported that one of the automotive industry worldwide chose GIIAS 2015 as a World Premier or the introduction of new global product is PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM). Where this information has been confirmed directly by the Honda, which will launch the latest Honda cars Honda BR-V for the global automotive market. With this of course makes public pride for automotive fans in Indonesia because if we pay attention, usually the manufacturer introduces a new global products in the international automotive exhibition classmates Geneva International Auto Show, Detroit Auto Show, and so forth.

For Honda BR-V (Bold Runabout Vehicle) which is a blend of Honda Brio Honda SUV models has previously been exhibited in concept or prototype version first. Unknown version of concept or prototype was designed for the Asian market by Honda R & D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., in Thailand in cooperation with PT Honda R & D Indonesia. This model is a type of vehicle New Generation Crossover Utility Vehicle to meet the needs of Indonesian families.

In addition to Honda, reportedly Renault will also introduce their latest MPV models that have never been marketed in the ASEAN region earlier in the event GIIAS 2015. The latest model of Renault will complete the line-up SUV and hatchback Renault is first entered in the national automotive market. In addition to Honda and Renault, there are several world-renowned automobile manufacturers will participate in GIIAS 2015. Ranging from Aston Martin, Lexus, Porsche McLaren until the first time that will follow this national automotive exhibition.

"We hope GIIAS 2015 can be a benchmark development of the automotive industry in Indonesia. Its implementation continues to be increased each year in line with the development of this industry, "said Johnny Darmawan as Chairman of the Organizing GIIAS 2015 as reported Metrotvnew, Thursday (07/09/2015) yesterday.

GIIAS 2015 itself will be held at the Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD district, South Tangerang. See also Toyota Astra Motor Will Present New Avanza Veloz Capacity 1.3 Liter and he's Car Modification Ala Chris Brown .

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