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Driving and Car Driving Matic Tips

Driving and Car Driving Matic Tips

Matic Car is a type of vehicle that has comfort for the rider. However, when driving a car is quite difficult, especially for beginners. Equipped with an automatic transmission type, can make it easier for the motorist. In Indonesia alone matic car sales have increased every year, more than millions of people are using these matic car. Automatic car is actually fairly simple and not too difficult to operate. Automatic car driving requires adjustments and knowledge for beginners and riders who usually use a manual car.
Driving and Car Driving Tips Matic
Many problems when driving using the car automatic, making the dailer and automobile factories provide special panduakn matic drive cars. Sometimes the driver does not have more time when they want to learn or read the guide, which adversely affects such as damage to the machine, terjqadinya accidents and other problems. Here are tips on driving and drive the car matic for beginners and how to operate the auto matic right. Various ways following our dapakan from various sites on the internet, which are summarized in the official guide how to drive a car manufacturer matic origin.

Matic Car Driving Tips

  • Tips and how to drive the car first matic ie, pay attention to the position and order replacement gear lever, you have to memorize the problem until it was mastered. These tips to avoid mistakes in replacing the transmission lever. After completely memorized and replacement gear lever has become a habit, then there will be no longer the case entered the gear lever position.
  • Next you refract to liberate left foot from the clutch pedal, the automatic car available two namely the accelerator pedal and brake pedal. This is so free terbisa left foot pedal, which aims to avoid the risk of a mistake on the brakes when you are in a state car rpm climb.
  • Tip three is to get used to the brakes every time you switch the transmission, so that when you're changing the transmission, the car will not run by itself. This is a common problem among motorists matic.
  • How to drive a car next matic that you pay attention to the road that will pass, if the area is full of climbs or state road riding, you should move the transmission in position L. In circumstances such a position, the transmission can only move between the teeth of one to two. Currently downhill road position is also useful as an engine brake, so that the machine is working properly.
  • Tips for motorists last matic is important to understand the function of the hold button. The key is a locking feature and can be operated when the gear lever is in position D. When the button is activated, the feature will automatically lock the car in gear two and three. This feature also serves as a fuel saver, especially on the streets are often jammed like big cities.

A little extra tips for motorists matic that you often check the condition of the engine, when the engine is very hot, especially when driving long distances, should pause to stabilize the engine in a cold state. Perform maintenance on the machine at least a week one time, in order to keep the machine well maintained and comfortable to wear. The problem that often occurs in cars matic namely brakes, replace your current car brake discs begin to feel no more. Visit our previous article that the price of the latest Honda cars and motorcycles matic care tips . Our site discusses about the Automotive so that you make it easy to search for news and updates.

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