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Car specification Toyota Avanza Newest

Car specification Toyota Avanza Newest

Toyota is one of the best-selling car manufacturer in the world. This can be seen from Toyota products that have a sales price higher when compared to other brands. One of Toyota's best-selling product today is the Toyota Avanza. The car is very much encountered on the highway which proves that this product is very much in demand. Avanza is a car designed for a family car, so it is very useful when traveling with family. This car comes in several variants that would make the most of Toyota's best-selling products dibursa car sales.

Car specification Toyota Avanza Newest
Toyota Avanza latest specification, comfortable during use and maximum security, the design of super-tight security is enabled to overcome the frequent occurrence of cases of car theft. Toyota Avanza and features offered by Avanza is very adequate and in accordance with the needs of motorists and passengers in it. For those of you who want to buy a car Avanza, here we provide the latest Toyota Avanza car specifications :

Car specification Toyota Avanza

  • Toyota Avanza is designed to be able to load up to seven passengers or even more. If Toyota Avanza is loaded by 7 passengers, in front consists of two people, middle seat loaded with three people, and in the back there are 2 or 3 people. The capacity offered by the specification Toyota Avanza is quite a lot because this car is designed as a family car where people would go along with his entire family with this car either on vacation, attending a family event, and others.
  • Based on the specifications of Toyota Avanza, fuel consumption of the car more efficiently with environmentally friendly exhaust gas. Avanza comes in two engine variants, namely a 1.5 L and 1.3 L which can be selected according to consumer tastes. Toyota Avanza offers the latest technology specification Toyota Avanza with Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-I). Toyota Avanza also uses automatic transmission system which has been equipped with a gate-type shift lever that serves to prevent errors during operation of the transmission while providing comfort in driving. The gate-type shift lever when viewed very sporty.
  • If you look at the specification Toyota Avanza, the performance offered by Toyota Avanza is very tough in its class. Toyota Avanza use the machine K3-V3 1.3 L DOHC VVT-i and 3SZ-VE 1.5 L DOHC VVT-i. 1.3 L engine capable of delivering maximum power of 92 ps / rp 6000 with a maximum torque of 12.2 kgm / 4400 rpm. While the 1.5L engine capable of delivering maximum power 109 Ps / 6000 rpm with a maximum torque of 14.4 kgm.
  • If you look to the specifications of Toyota Avanza in the interior, the material used for the door trim and lining his seat using quality materials. In addition, the latest Avanza also offers a new touch of color that gives the impression that more fresh than the variant - the previous variant. In addition to using quality materials, in the interior you will also be pampered with a variety of interesting features of Avanza which is quite complete in antarnya is 2 DIN audio system with cassette and CD player 4 2 tweeter speakers, rear view mirror electrically adjustable, and design The new combination meter.
  • To ensure the safety and security of drivers and passengers of Toyota Avanza, Toyota Avanza in the specification has been equipped with several advanced security features. To protect passengers from injury in the event of an accident, make use of the structure Avanza Global Outstanding Assessment Body or GOA Body.Untuk facilitate control of the car at the time of sudden braking, Toyota Avanza also has equipped with Anti Lock Braking System that can help prevent the wheels locked. For Avanza 1.5 S variant, you will get a feature Rear Parking Sensor. Specifications Toyota Avanza which one is the ultrasonic sensor that will help keep their distance when parking. Both variants Avanza has been equipped with a minimum turning radius of only 4.7 meters. This provides flexibility for the driver in maneuvering or when parked vehicle.

Toyota Avanza complete specifications with the use of MacPherson Strut suspension and Coll Spring plus stabilizer for the front suspension. Parts of the rear suspension uses a combination of 4 Links and coll spring with Lateral Rod whose role is to reduce shocks and ensure stability when driving. This suspension can certainly dampen vibration well and improved ride comfort. That's about the specifications of Toyota Avanza, on your next visit Toyota's latest car price to complete the information and the latest Automotive News.

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