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BMW Motorrad Officially Present, 22 Models Available

BMW Motorrad Officially Present, 22 Models Available

BMW Motorrad Officially Present in, 22 Models Available - Finally the world's leading motor manufacturers from Germany the BMW Motorrad officially arrived in Indonesia on Wednesday (07/08/2015) yesterday. With BMW Motorrad's presence will enliven the market of motor sport or MOGE in the homeland. The presence of the motor manufacturer BMW is known is the role of BMW Motorrad East Asia were officially appointed PT Nusantara Maxindo Moto (Moto Maxiono) as an importer and distributor of BMW motorcycles in Indonesia. Maxindo Moto itself a subsidiary of the Nusantara Group, which is the holder of a number of brands of four-wheel vehicles in.
BMW Motorrad Officially Present in, 22 Models Available
With the presence of BMW Motorrad in through the Moto Maxindo fans of BMW motorcycles in the country can now easily buy the desired model of BMW motorcycles. Unknown to the current BMW Motorrad presents 22 models of BMW motorcycles that can be chosen by consumers in Indonesia.

"We are very pleased to be partnering with Maxindo Moto, with extensive experience and business network, we are confident they are able to provide BMW Motorrad experience for our customers. We also want to thank the previous importers for their contribution over the past few years, "says Richard Park, as Aftersales & Dealer Development Regional Manager BMW Motorrad Asia.

Moto Maxindo was confident to provide premium services to users and prospects BMW motorcycle BMW Motorrad customers in Indonesia. "As the new official importer and sole distributor for Indonesia, we tried to carry this brand a success and provide the best experience to our customers," said Joe Surya, as the Chairman of Maxindo Moto.

Of total 22 models that were presented in Indonesia, there are five categories of BMW motorcycles. Starting from the Urban Mobility, Sport, Tour, Adventure and Roadster. Of all these models are priced at whatever price is quite diverse. Here's the official price of BMW motorcycles in Indonesia.

Category sport, S1000RR (Rp699 million), R1200RS (Rp.613 million) and K1300S (Rp655 million) of the sports category. Categories of urban mobility, C650 GT (Rp482 million) and C600 Sport (Rp463 million).

Then there is the category of tour F800GT (Rp.498 million), R1200GT (Rp778 million), K1600GT (Rp881 million), K1600GTL (Rp906 million), and K1600GTL Exclusive (Rp951 million).

Then there are R roadster category Nine T (Rp572 million), R1200R (Rp609 million), K1300R (Rp627 million), S1000R (Rp544 million) and F800R (Rp440 million).

As for the category of adventure there G650GS (Rp381 million), F700GS (Rp450 million), F800GS (Rp478 million), F800 GS Adventure (Rp533 million), S1000XR (Rp597 million), R1200GS (Rp663 million) and R1200GS Adventure (Rp688 million). See also Yamaha MT-03 Prepare For Completing Deratan Yamaha MT Series and market doldrums, Suzuki Should Absent in Two Large

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